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In 2010, Bojler Room is founded by DJ StanleyFe.
In 2017, the club broadcasts its first stream. The project is fully launched in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as a support for everyone who has to be at home or in hospital and for everyone involved in helping manage this pandemic. As a big thanks to all these people, it brings the live club atmosphere to their homes. The project is charitable. The emphasis is to give visibility to DJs who are not visible and increased visibility to those who are. This takes the form of a Live Stream and live events! Its main focus in on good music and good people. It is the only way. Events are less frequent and will remain so. It does not follow in the footsteps of a business for kids, but a business based on quality club music! In short, it’s gonna be one hell of a party!

Start of
radio broadcast

After a lengthy but ultimately satisfying journey, we are pleased to announce that on September 29.9, 2022 at 8:00 PM, Radio Bojler Room hits the digital Internet airwaves. For now, until the end of the year, we will be broadcasting in test mode online. During this time, we will continue to improve and refine our operations. On the website, you will find an app for iOS and Android or you can listen to Radio Bojler Room directly on our website. See you online!

Thank you

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Guests on
radio broadcasts

Dj Stanley - Znojmo, Dj Moonrise - Brno, Dj L.B. - Znojmo, Gat Electra - Vk Studio - Znojmo - Vráťa Keprda a Martin Kepy, DJ Karlos - Znojmo, DJ Beksy - Kyjov
DJ Ronnie - Vyškov, DJ Dunger Dan - Znojmo, DJ Mulda - Znojmo,, DJ Cejn - Praha, DJ MisHa - Brno, Nikoala - Brno
Dj Nee’o - Brno, DJ Wolf - Brno, DJ Luckie - Česká Třebová, DJ Radex - Břeclav, DJ FUNG! - Znojmo, FILIP GEHRINGER - Brno, W.Dj - Brno, DJ Orbith - Brno
NKYP - Praha, Manear - Znojmo, Stratos - Znojmo, Crunchy - Znojmo, Mooka - Luhačovice, F@R Deejane - Hodonín, Dominik Weiss - Brno, Eclectic Cinema - Duncan Hendy a Mirek Jirků,
DARK T - Frýdek Místek, FUCK - Frýdek Místek, Peter Pea - Brno, Nikoala - Brno, Neomy - Ostrava, Spoon & Prince - Znojmo, Tomas Ivicic - Brno, Merflinger - Jihlava, NEOMI - Ostrava
Andre Tribale - Slovensko, Rabo - Rakousko, Sayko - Brno, Lintu - Jihlava, Akira - Karlovy Vary, Zaion - Brno, Viti - Brno, DJ ČD Boy /Raketamin Sound System/ - Znojmo, Knob Out -Brno
Orgy a Pablo - Znojmo, DJ Johnyx - Rájec Jestřebí, EL Waca - Brno, Weird - Uhersdké Hradiště, Neurobee - Znojmo, Chesstekk /Raketamin Sound System/ - Znojmo
O.T.A. - Brno, Granqo /Unlimeted/- Znojmo, Qwrty /Hellix sound system/- Brno Kuřim, A-CRAY - Slaný, DJ Plegomazin - Brno, Dj EL_Gringo - Jihlava, DJ Schizmatic
Pavel Krejdl a Viktor - Kovoshrot - Praha, Vagas_Louderz - Brno, SAY - Boskovice, Karel Veselý - /Karl/, DJ Pspkcz - Pospik /Sunshine/, DJ Madara, DJ Symbiont, DJ Spyre
DJ Machec, DJ Parodic 9023 /Vosa sound system - Brno, DJ Popelka, DJ Ro-back, DJ Liquerus, Dwarf sound system, DJ Shaity, DJ Tallar, DJ Pornz, DJ 2nine, DJ Spyre
DJ Pan Cifka, DJ El Kawros, DJ Underside, DJ Absurdito, DJ Woice, DJ Weird, DJ Daniel Dantte, Michael K. - Brno, Flyp Fermentor - Praha, DJMatthew aka Pussy Killer - Praha, DJ P.G.H. - Ústí nad Labem, DJ Orkus - Třebíč, Sisilisko (Pzp sound system), Demogorgon (Degen sound system), Salaam ( Dwarf sound system), Mechanik (Dwarf sound system), VegaTek (Houbatik sound system), P4sht!k (Houbatik sound system), Bushman (Singular sound system), Vega_Tek a P4sht!k (Houbatik Sound System), DJ Orkus (Třebíč),
L De Funghieri (Třebíč)

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Live Stream


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